Second Hand Roof Tiles For Professionals And The Home DIY Expert…

The use of second hand and reclaimed roof tiles remains popular as many many people are deciding to develop or extend their existing properties and need a match for their old roof, or wish to give their new development a more period feel. Many reproduction tiles have been introduced onto the market but they don’t always beat using the genuine article.

It is a well known fact that clay, concrete roof tiles and good quality natural slates often have an incredibly long lifespan. So long, in fact, that the tiles or slates will outlast the other components of the average pitched roof in many cases.

the average tiled or slated pitched roof lasts between 40 to 100 years, due to gradual deterioration of other components in the roof such as the timber battens, underlay and other fixings, not forgetting the good old English weather !

We are asked quite often where we can supply second hand reclaimed roof tiles to: Our answer is simply that we supply roof tiles from Colchester to Southend and from Basildon to Chelmsford..often free of charge as well !

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